Donations will be mostly and primarily used to create extended and rewritten Gene Expression Analysis Software. It’s free for noncommercial use and it’ll allow noncommercial scientific laboratories, institutes, universities, students, etc. to reduce their budget on expensive software and concentrate it on research and experiments. The current version of the software is successfully used in some US Universities labs. I added some additional useful functionalities based on the feedback from the real world users, but I never got the support and time to create a fully rewritten new version to implement more of what users wanted, add additional useful tools and implement support for two-color and Next-Generation microarrays analysis.

Donation is of your own free will and you are not buying any product or service by donating. If I find sufficient funding on this project in a reasonable time I may use the donations to develop the nexte release of zRMicroarray by extending it with one or more of the following features:

  • Support for Two-color cDNA microarray data
  • Next Generation Sequencing data analysis
  • Multiple other features based on feedback from currrent users

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